Environmental Affairs Committee

Committee Chair:
Jeff Vansteenburg


1.  To manage a program of water quality monitoring for all participating lake associations.
2.  To coordinate the water sampling, transporting of samples and reporting of results between the lake associations and the analytic laboratories as needed.

Off-Season Handling of Sampling Equipment

Once you’re done collecting water samples for the season, it is a good time to check your sampling equipment to ensure that it is ready for the next season:

1.  Rinse and dry the collection tube.
2.  Place corks in each end of the collection tube to keep the inside clean and to prevent varmints from making a nest in the tube over the winter.
3.  Check the marks on your Secchi line:   remark the line if the marks have faded, or contact Carolyn Herron to get a new line.
4.  Repaint the white Secchi disc if it is chipped or rusted.
5.  In the spring dust off your sampling equipment, pick up your coolers at the first COLA meeting, and you are ready to go for another season.

Water Sampling Schedule

The water sampling schedule is set by RMB Labs for the weekend preceding and including the third Monday of each month from May through September.

Samples are to be delivered to your collection location by noon on Monday.  This gives time for the volunteer to transport samples to RMB Labs at Detroit Lakes by close of business day on Monday.


Analytic Water Testing Services provided by:

RMB Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
22796 County Hwy 6, Detroit Lakes MN 56501
218.846.1465     email:  <rmbel@rmbel.info>
Website:   www.rmbel.info